Thursday, July 22, 2010


In speaking with one of my friends I have been inspired to follow his lead in starting a blog about certain things people do not feel very comfortable talking about. Religion and Politics. Although I do not posses the writing capabilities of my friend who writes the Thought Provoking Conversation blog I hope to inspire someone, somewhere, to take a more active role in religion and politics. If nothing else, then to improve my own writing capabilities and share my thoughts and ideas with those who care to hear them. I will focus more on Politics but throw in some religion as well. Some of the topics that I will expound on are, if America can survive, immigration, taxation without representation, the Right to keep and bear Arms, Freedom of speech, Is America still a Christian nation, Founding Fathers, The role of Religion in government, the real meaning of Separation of Church and State, Does Freedom still exist in America. These are just a few of the ideas I have thought deeply about had many open minded conversations with friends and family. Input from others in encouraged.

The name for my blog God-Family-County comes from one of my favorite Prophets, Statesman, and Author Ezra Taft Benson. These 3 things are what make America the Greatest Nation on Earth. Most of my writings will come from books and quotes I have read and I will do my best to state the sources. I find myself to be more the student then the teacher. I love to read and can never get enough information to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

I hope all who read the post I publish will find them informing and provoking.

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